What You Should be Looking for in an Auto Detailing Service

Auto detailing is vital not only for the cosmetic look of your car but also for its performance. Rust and grease will eat up the exterior of a vehicle over time, which is the reason why regular maintenance and treatment is necessary.

But leaving your beloved ride to the auto salon without knowing anything about what you should be looking for is a seriously bad idea. You will be prone to be the victim of a fraud, who ends up paying more than the service you have got.

Be a smart auto maniac, and know the fundamentals of an auto detailing service.

You should be looking for a holistic approach

Auto ServiceYou cannot directly ask an auto salon owner for this one, like, “Hey, do you use a holistic approach car treatment?” because big chances are, no mechanic knows what you mean. Instead, what you can do best is to observe. And if you have no idea of what the word ‘holistic’ is, it is an approach that argues a system will work best if all of the aspects are considered at once.

In automotive, it means that the mechanic will regard the exterior, interior, and the car’s engine as vital organs constituting an entity that is your car. In practice, a mechanic with such an approach will be very detailed in treating your car.

The basics of degreasing and scrubbing

detailingDegreasing the oil remnants from the engine improves both engine performance and its durability. Also, when filth and engine debris cover the engine, it is going to be hard to spot damage, like a leak or a broken part. You cannot find them unless they already cause severe trouble.

When visiting an auto salon for degreasing and scrubbing service, the first thing you should check is what degreaser the salon uses. There are three common degreasers: water-based, solvent-based, and gel.

A water-based degreaser is more environmentally friendly than the other types of degreasers. It is also the cheapest one, but it might not offer the same after-clean protection as gel degreaser. A solvent-based degreaser requires the least effort to apply, and it can safely clean the interior as well. But for the last two cleaners, they might be dangerous if mixed with chemical waste that leaked from the car’s engine. So the next time you see a detailer handling your automobile carelessly, you will know it.

Full package check-up and treatment

Interior careFor an auto salon with the holistic approach, their complete service will usually include general engine check-up on all of the vehicle’s parts, such as brake, steering mechanism, suspension, transmission, and tires. Auto mechanic New Orleans offers such a service, and if you happen to live nearby, visit them for satisfactory service. Do not worry about the cost either because their quality service is not meant to drain the money out of your wallet.

Besides the mechanical check-up, cushion treatment should be second on the list. Dust build-up can be the trouble of the car’s cushion upholstery no matter what the material is. It is better to maintain the cushion condition regularly rather than waiting for it to be severely degraded.