Car Valuation Guide

Is it now the ripe time for you sell your car? Before you do that, you should know your car’s worth. It will help you in setting the right price and selling it faster. But how can you know how much your vehicle is worth? This car valuation guide is all that you need.

There is so much to consider in determining the true value of your car. You should factor in depreciation and understand that increases with the age of your vehicle. To Check your car worth and determine the precise value of your vehicle, here are the parameters to use.

Car Valuation

Forecourt pricesjsjssjssjsjsj

This is the price you would pay if you were buying the car from a dealer. Here you are expected to position yourself as a buyer. Ask yourself how much you would pay for this car. This will give you a true reflection of its worth. However, you should be objective when determining the price.

The details of your car

Some cars are worthier than others by virtue of their details. You will be surprised how much your car details mean when it comes to its real value. The key details include its color, registration date and mileage based on its entire age. If your car has so many miles under its belt, you expect it to fetch less from the market. A relatively new car will be more valued than an old one.

Private selling prices

How much would your car fetch if you were selling it privately? For this parameter, it should be both in good and bad condition. Getting the exact figures would go far into determining how much you can fetch from the sale. In fact, this is one of the most accurate ways of knowing the true worth of your car.


If you were to offer your car in part-exchange, how much would it be? Well, this is yet another way to determine the worth of your car. A good car will get you a better exchange bargain while a car of a poor condition may not fetch as much when it comes to part exchanges.

The original market price

The much you paid for your car when you bought it still has a role to play in determining its current value. Of course, it has since depreciated, thus you should factor that before you arrive at the final figure. For the longer, you had your car the less it becomes in relation to the original price.

Get help with your car valuation

smssjsjssjssjWhy go through all the trouble trying to get the right value of your car? You no longer have to bother since there are car valuation experts almost everywhere. Take your car to them and let them help you with valuation. As you make your choice, ensure that you have the right professionals. Ask for recommendations from family and friends.

It has never been this easy to get your car’s valuation. Sell your car for the right price by letting the experts arrive at its true worth. Hopefully, this guide has helped you arrive at the real value of your car.